Intrauterine Insemination


Sperm Select & Intrauterine Insemination System

Dr. Grier utilizes the Sperm Select Intrauterine Insemination System to assist couples who are having difficulty with conception.

Dr. Grier will examine you and order appropriate lab tests to determine the likelihood of success and other factors affecting fertility.  Then, you will take oral hormones to stimulate the production of oocytes (eggs).   When conditions are ideal the Sperm Select IUI procedure is performed.

Couples who are seeking to conceive find Sperm Select to be a convenient, effective and affordable option when faced with fertility problems.  To learn more about intrauterine insemination and to find out if this is a good option for you please contact our office at 626-440-0011 or email all emails are answered within 48 hours.

More about Sperm Select

The Sperm Select system is a specialized and gentle process that selects the most progressively motile sperm for an ideal sample to be implanted in the uterus.  This process increases the likelikhood of conception and is different from other methods of intrauterine insemination in that there is no centrifuge involved, therefore the sperm are less likely to be damaged as in sperm washing techniques.  The specially prepared sperm sample is placed directly inside the uterus, bypassing the cervical mucous barrier.

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